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Company info

ZARIAN Bewegungssysteme GmbH
Bayreuther Str. 5
D-95615 Marktredwitz
Phone: +49 (0) 9231-603 851
Fax: +49 (0) 9231-603 859


Managing Directors: Walter Bach, Thomas Dunkel
Plant manager: Thomas Dunkel
Registered at the district court of Hof, registration no. HRB 1331
VAT ID no.: DE 132 954 728

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Privacy policy

Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH undertakes to respect and protect the privacy of its customers and partners. This website allows visitors to submit personal data as well as data relevant to the communication with Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH. In addition to the direct performance of the respective service these data are also used for designing the services offered by Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH as needed.

Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH collects the data submitted by the customer, processes and uses them for the aforementioned purposes. According to Section 33 of the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) it has to be pointed out to the customer that his relevant data are stored and/or transmitted for purposes of processing in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. The customer / business partner agrees, however, that the data submitted by him via forms are stored and used by Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH in consideration of the above. If required, Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH is therefore authorized to forward the data specified by the customer / business partner as part of the initiation and processing of an order to partners of Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH in Germany and abroad that may be used to perform the services.

Legal information

Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH regularly checks and updates the information on its websites. Despite all care and attention, the data may since have changed. We therefore cannot accept any liability or guarantee for the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the information provided.

Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH reserves the right to change or update the information, products or services offered on this website at any time without prior notice.

As per Section 5 paragraph 1 of the German Teleservices Act, Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH as the content provider is responsible for its own content on its website that it provides for use in accordance with general legislation. Cross references (links or hyperlinks) to contents made available by other providers are to be differentiated from these proprietary contents. As the operator of this website Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH makes "third-party contents" available for use by means of these links. Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH can only be held responsible for these third-party contents if Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH is aware of them (i.e., is also aware of their illegal and/or criminal contents), and if it were technically and reasonably possible for Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH to prevent such contents from being used (Section 5 paragraph 1 of the Teleservices Act).

However, "links or "hyperlinks", respectively, are always dynamic links to Internet sites that are not within the area of responsibility of Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH and that can be changed or deleted by the responsible operator of the respective website at any time. Although Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH checks the third-party content when linked for the first time, to ensure that it does not give rise to a possible civil or criminal liability, Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH is not under obligation to continuously monitor the links for changes that could constitute grounds for a new liability. In the event that Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH establishes or is advised that a specific offering, to which a link is provided, gives rise to a civil or criminal liability, Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH shall then delete the link to the aforesaid offering where deletion of the link is technically possible and reasonable. Technical possibility and reasonableness shall not be influenced by the fact that the illegal or criminal offering can still be accessed from other servers after access from the website of the operator of this website has been stopped.

Any possible copyright infringement ensuing from this homepage may not be eliminated by the copyright owner without the consent of Zarian Bewegungssysteme GmbH.

Only German law shall be applicable to any legal relationships that may arise either now or in the future, and any disputes shall fall only under the jurisdiction of German courts.

The person responsible according to the German Press Law from 3 October 1949 is Mr. Thomas Dunkel.